Welcome back!

Today, I have a sponsored blog post with Parcel! Parcel is an online shopping service that helps you budget any clothing purchases. Online shopping is one of my favorite things, but it can be really hard to keep track of all the items you’re interested in. Parcel helps manage and find pieces that you’re looking for, so I recommend you all sign up through the link below!

Today, the series I’m pairing up to do with Parcel is called #TheSmartestThing, about smart purchases you’ve made. #TheSmartestThing I’ve bought is delicate gold jewelry. These pieces dress up and pull together any outfit! I absolutely love wearing something so treasured and personal to myself every single day. Most importantly, all this jewelry is bought from vintage, small brands, or secondhand places. It is so important to make small sustainable and eco-friendly purchases when you can, plus mixing and matching unique pieces is a perfect way to up your personal style!

Enjoy these photos of all my favorite small jewels!

(Tooth choker is from Verameat, other items are from Junket: Tossed & Found, Goodwill, and Savers.)

Thank you to Parcel for reaching out to me for this collab for #TheSmartestThing! Follow their Instagram @thisisparcel, and start using their service! It seriously is such a lifesaver for budgeting and shopping.

Look forward to a new thrift haul blog post next week. Follow my personal Instagram @kateglavan and always, thanks for reading!


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