Happy July,


I have three outfits full of weird pieces like my velvet pants and floral robe. I recommend layering in the summer because the day I shot these it was around 90 degrees, and I was very unprepared for the heat.


On another note, I move out to New York City in a month! I’m excited to live in a city with an active fashion community and endless resources for my interests. I will for sure keep you all posted once I get accustomed to what the next part of my life is like. If you live in the city, feel free to email me at thesuburbstyle@gmail.com or DM me on my Instagram for a collaboration or to meet up!


Here’s my lookbook, what easily may be my last lookbook in my hometown as I’m sure moving out will keep me busy. Most of the pieces are thrifted, with the exception of a few staple pieces I own.


Enjoy the photos!


Outfit #1

Grey Art Tee / Thrifted

White Block Earrings / Thrifted

Striped Pants / Thrifted

Platforms / ASOS

Bag / Vintage


Outfit #2

Houndstooth Blouse / Thrifted

Denim Skirt / Thrifted

Blue Tank / Topshop

Glasses/ Thrifted

Beret / Thrifted, Gap

Heels / Thrifted


Outfit #3

Floral Robe / Hunt & Gather Vintage

Blue Polo / COS

White Jeans / Rolla’s

Sandals / Dolce Vita

Sunglasses / Thrifted


Thanks to everyone in my home state who’s helped me with this blog. Looking forward to all that will come in the future in New York. Stay tuned and make sure you follow my socials! (Instagram, Pinterest)


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