Today, I’m sharing a collection of some fun summer pieces I’ve recently picked up at thrift stores.


Instead of establishing outfits, I wanted to let each piece stand out on its own. So, I made a quick 1 minute video of my thrift pickups for you all! I’ve been focusing on adding in more colors to my wardrobe and shopped with the intention of bringing in pieces that I can capitalize on wearing in warm weather. My style has for sure changed with thrifting, but the environmental impacts of fast-fashion aren’t worth it for me to shop at big stores. I personally love how weird and retro my looks are becoming!
Here’s a mini mood board of the pieces that you will see featured in the video.


Now, here’s the video!

If you didn’t catch each piece, I’ve created screengrabs of all of the 15 pieces in this mini lookbook!


Super cheap, retro sunglasses that I’ve been loving.

These pieces are an easy ways to spice up an outfit in the summer.

(These shoes were the only non-thrifted items.)

Three simple flowy dresses that are easy to dress up for fun occasions or wear on their own for something simple.

Two staple denim pieces, either turn these Levi’s into jean shorts or wear on cooler nights.

Bold, textured tops make a good starting point for a summer night out with friends!

Let me know if you like these type of posts, and thanks for reading! I had so much fun sharing my recent thrifted finds in this new creative medium. Follow me on my Instagram to see what I’m up to and message me if you have any questions about thrifting!


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