Happy June,


Welcome back to a fun, bold look book for the spring and summertime! I’ve been swamped with things like high school graduation, finals, etc., but I’m so excited to be moving out to New York City in just a few months!


I’ve really loved working pants into my wardrobe. I’ve found pants with different colors, textures, cuts, fabrics, etc. and loved wearing them in the spring. It’s getting a bit too hot for pants, so I plan to go shopping for some new vintage shorts. Most vintage shorts come with a more tailored look, come in cool prints, or come in fun colors. With these 3 looks, you can easily translate the styling with a fun skirt or pair of shorts.


My styling instincts are becoming much more fun since I’m no longer going to high school everyday, so I can have more freedom when I get dressed. I wouldn’t ever wear flamingo sunglasses to school, but they’re perfect for hanging out in a park with friends or just walking down the streets in New York.


Without further introduction, here are my three spring looks!


Outfit #1

Tooth Choker / Verameat

Necklace / Thrifted

Sunglasses / Thrifted, Children’s Gymboree

Striped Blouse / Thrifted

White Tank / Nordstrom Rack (Free People)

Levis / Buffalo Exchange

White Heels / Thrifted

Floral Basket / Thrifted

Outfit #2

Checked Blazer / Vintage DKNY

Neck Scarf / Thrifted

Black Top / Ulla Johnson

Pink Dress Pants / Emilio Pucci

Black Heels / Thrifted

Sunglasses / Party City (my proudest purchase)

Outfit #3

Red Hoops / Thrifted

Graphic T / Thrifted

White Crepe Pants / Alexander Wang

Red Flats / Zara


Thanks so much for checking out this lookbook! A special thanks to my dear friend Gracia for these lovely photos from Linden Hills. Once again, this was one of my most fun outfit series to put together. I’m following less “rules” when I get dressed since I’m moving on to a new chapter in my life. I will keep you all updated as I move out to New York, and please contact me if you want to collaborate in the city! I’d love to meet some new stylists, bloggers, photographers, etc. while I’m getting accustomed to my new life.



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