Hi everyone!

After watching all of the various fashion weeks, I’ve been very inspired to put together a lookbook for you all.  

Today, I have three outfits for mid-season weather. This lookbook is on behalf of the warm climate we’re experiencing, hence the title “(Climate) Change”. Environmental justice is one of my passions, so I am a bit saddened and fearful of the rising temperatures, though we all love not having to bundle up.


The key to dressing in this weird winter/spring weather is to have jackets you love. Jackets and coats pull together an outfit and serve as my starting point when I get dressed. I find that cool, patterned jackets add an extra element to whatever I’m wearing.

I’ve pushed myself to dress as a maximalist this winter, whether that be through patterns or accessories. Scarves, socks, and earrings are my favorite pieces to add to my outfits if I’m rushing out of the house.

Enjoy the spring weather wherever you are, even though the warm temperatures are alarming for our planet. That being said, here are the photos for this lookbook.

Outfit #1

Black Suede Jacket / Thrifted (sanctuary)

Sheer Long-sleeve Top / Zara

Embroidered Tank / Thrifted (Lucky Brand)

Green Suede Pants / Thrifted

Striped Socks / American Apparel

Mules / Karl Lagerfeld

Bandana / Thrifted


Outfit #2

Leopard Coat / Thrifted (Free People)

White Slim Blouse / American Apparel

Floral Slip / Thrifted

Jeans / Zara

Men’s Loafers / Thrifted

Sunglasses / Urban Outfitters



Outfit #3 

Striped Shirt / Thrifted (Uniqlo)

Shearling Coat / Thrifted

Banana Skirt / Urban Outfitters

Fishnets / Target

Black Boots / Sam Edelman

Sunglasses / Urban Outfitters

Thanks to my friend Mollie for the cool photos, and I hope you all loved these looks! Keep clashing your patterns, searching for unique pieces, and reading the news (lol). Have a nice spring and stay tuned for more posts!


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