Hello again!

With bitter, cold winter days ahead, I’ve put together some winter outfits. I find it difficult to continue wearing colorful, vibrant pieces when it’s so unbearable outside. These looks all feature quirky accessories that you can easily add to your wardrobe!

A couple pieces are from some vintage and consignment stores that I visited on my trip to Seattle, Washington. There was such a wide selection of unique pieces and I’m so pleased with my time out west as well as the cool things I picked up!

Disclaimer: I intentionally didn’t include outerwear in this look book because any coat would cover up the outfits, and many different styles of jackets would work with these looks!


Enjoy these bold winter-y outfits below! Let me know which one was your favorite as well.



Outfit #1

LM Sweater / Atlas Clothing (Vintage, Seattle)

Embroidered Dress / Alice + Olivia

Mules / Karl Lagerfeld

Sunglasses / Atlas Clothing (Vintage, Seattle)


Outfit #2

Velvet Tank / Thrifted

Sweater / Urban Outfitters

Fishnets / Target

Levis / Thrifted

Heels / Thrifted

Scarf / Thrifted

Outfit #3

White Cardigan / Monki

Mock Turtleneck / H&M

Patches Skirt / Thrifted

Polka Dot Tights / Target

Loafers / Thrifted

Beret / Crossroads Trading Co. (Consignment, Seattle)

Earrings / Nordstrom


Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out my instagram, @kateglavan, to recieve more frequent life updates. Thanks to my dear friend Mollie for suffering in the cold with me for these pictures around South Minneapolis.


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