Hi everyone!

Once again, my workload from high school has stripped me away from uploading consistent blog posts. I haven’t forgotten about you guys, don’t worry, but I don’t want to produce content that I’m not proud of.


Finally, here is a review of some of my favorite shows from ss17.

I decided to make this post more personal by utilizing my crafting skills to layout pictures with handwritten comments about each collection. This format invites you into my weird thought process and highlights how I visually organize images that inspire me. I adore making collages and creating multimedia artwork, plus I loved how beautifully these pages scanned on my printer!


Coach 1941: textures, pink hues, and detailed embellishments.

Delpozo: clean lines, silhouettes, and insane earrings.


Gucci: grandma-vibes, long tunics, and the quirkiest accessories.


Christopher Kane: Crocs, sheer details, and stone jewels.


Marques ‘ Almeida: contrasting materials, reworked menswear, and pattern-mixing.



I hope you found some new brands to dive into and enjoyed seeing my handwriting. I’m always fascinated by how different we all think and organize our ideas…apologies if my writing is messy.

I’ll repeat this blog post in February when fashion week returns once again. Let me know some of your favorite collections and favorite editorials from this year. I’m very active on my Pinterest with looks and photography that inspires me, follow me on there for updates on the fashion world as well as my Instagram.


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