This is perhaps my most exciting blog post of all time….

I wrote a column for Man Repeller!!! 

Yes, the Man Repeller in NYC. This column is a part of their “Ask a Teen” series that required a video entry over this summer. I got chosen in September and got to chat with Amelia from MR about crocs, teenagers, slang, fashion, and the election. I expressed an interest in politics through my video and rightfully so, I got to discuss my thoughts on the election as a millennial who won’t be of voting age in 2016.

Man Repeller has transformed my own image and taught me how to dress for myself. The company is full of witty, intelligent, and stylish women who I cannot thank enough for this opportunity. If you told me a year ago I’d be writing for the Leandra Medine, I never   would’ve believed it. It’s been such a wonderful experience to speak on behalf of teenagers and receive such great feedback on their website as well as social media. 
Please go read the column here and share it on social media. My Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts are also linked here to get more frequent updates about my adventures. Check out all of Man Repeller’s social links as well for such great content that stretches beyond fashion!
Here’s an excerpt from the article.

It still feels so surreal to me. Thank you for all of the support and I promise this won’t be the last time you’ll hear from this teenager!


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