Happy October, everyone!


October signifies one of my favorite things: cold fall weather! I can now layer pieces when I get dressed, which strangely brings me so much joy. (If you haven’t noticed, pants are jackets are my favorite pieces.) I’ve been loving pushing boundaries when getting dressed and really not caring how it appears to others. Street style has given me so much inspiration from ss17 fashion weeks and I can’t wait to share with you my three looks.


I tried to vary the styles of my outfits and showcase some killer pieces, such as my fur coat and jeweled choker. These looks are all practical for various temperatures in the fall. Whether or not you’ll experience brutal winters like I will in Minnesota, these pieces are all staples that can be reused in outfits year-round. Well…maybe not the fur coat. But, you get the idea.


Without further ado…


Enjoy these pictures for my 2016 Fall Lookbook! Today, I worked to showcase a mix of designer and thrifted gems that are clearly out there.

Outfit #1

Sweatshirt / Marc Jacobs

Cordorouy Skirt / American Apparel

Choker / F21

Earrings / Thrifted

Loafers / Thrifted

Outfit #2

Graphic T / Buffalo Exchange

Black Shiny Pants / Thrifted

New Balances / Thrifted

Fur Vest / Thrifted

Knotted Choker / Urban Outfitters


Outfit #3

Fur Jacket / Thrifted

Striped Dress Shirt / Thrifted (Ralph Lauren)

Jeans / Buffalo Exchange (Gap)

Boots / Sam Edelmann

Sunglasses / ASOS


Thanks again to my companion Mollie for shooting these pictures on such a serene, breezy fall day. Look for even more blog posts throughout the month of October!


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