Back to school!!!

No, I’m not excited to end my summer break. However, I understand that some of my classmates are probably planning their “first day” outfits. I thought that I should try to help!

Today, I have three looks that all feature layers for different climates and showcase unique pieces. The looks cross over style boundaries such as girly, edgy, boho, street, minimal, etc. to craft completed outfits. They are quite bold outfits, but, the first day of school is your time to make an impression. Worry about how you see yourself versus how others will see you. 

In all honesty, no one really remembers what you wear at school. We are all trying to get to class on time, figure out where we’re going, and not run into anyone. Remembering if you wore an eccentric outfit or not isn’t the first thing on everyone’s check list.

That being said, please enjoy this Back-to-School lookbook no matter how you feel about the 2016-17 school year!

Outfit #1

Pink Coat / Miu Miu

Turtleneck / H&M

Lavender Sheer Top / Thrifted

White Skirt / American Apparel

Jelly Heels / American Apparel

Socks / Target

Glasses & Hoops / Thrifted


Outfit #2

Red Top / Free People

Printed Skirt / Opening Ceremony

Flats / DSW

Bangles / Thrifted

Outfit #3

Leather Jacket / Topshop

Pink Tank / Free People

Jeans / Primark

Mules / Karl Lagerfeld

This lookbook was shot at various schools, centers, and a parking garage by my dear friend Mollie. Follow my social media sites and comment below any posts you want me to create! Thanks again! -kg


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