Happy July! Hope you’ve enjoyed the first month of summer and are looking for some new outfit inspiration.

This post is inspired by bold summer shades of pink, blue and yellow and by my new glasses. I recently got a new eye prescription and decided to try completely new glasses, which I’ve featured in this post. My clear frames are from Warby Parker and I’m in love with them! They’re simple enough yet create a more modern look whenever I put them on.

Every single piece in these two outfits, besides accessories, was thrifted. I can’t explain how many unique pieces are out there if you look hard enough. Sometime this month, I’ll be compiling a thrifting blog post with tips, my favorite places, and more items I’ve found while rummaging through racks of clothing. I really think you all should take advantage of the original clothes at your fingertips!

That all being said, these two outfits are purposely layered for survival in both air conditioned and warm climates. The striped pants are very breezy  and work along with the jean jacket which can be used if it’s simply too cold. The turtleneck under the white blouse is optional but made sense to me stylistically as I’ve noticed how much more quirky my style’s become.

Enjoy these summertime outfits, full of bright colors and wearable fabrics!


Outfit #1

Top / Arc’s Value Village

Pants / Arc’s Value Village

Jean Jacket / Levi’s

Platforms / ASOS

Earrings / Target

Outfit #2

White Poncho Blouse / Buffalo Exchange

Turtleneck / Goodwill

Skirt / Arc’s Value Village

Lace-Up Ballet Flats / DSW

Bracelet / Nordstrom Rack


A huge thanks to Sophie Sissi for these beautiful pictures!!! Follow her instagram accounts (@brunettebabe007 @s.s.photog ) below and look for more lookbooks highlighting her amazing photography.

It’s also been a little over 1 year since I started this blog so I’d like to thank you. Thanks for liking, reading, clicking, and giving me feedback on content. I cannot say enough to how much this blog has helped me hone in my creative eye and define my style. It’s crazy how much my wardrobe has changed since June 2015! Stay updated for more content and follow my social media accounts on the side bar for even more updates!!!



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