Happy last week of April!

I’ve decided to compile 5 outfits I love for this blog post, solely photographing close-ups of such looks. I tried my best to feature bold pieces I wear all the time such as my patched jean skirt, striped turtleneck, neck scarf, and various other pieces. I hope you like this lookbook shot from my bedroom.


Outfit #1

Green Cardigan / Thrifted

Black Turtleneck / Thrifted

Jean Skirt / Zara

Cutout watch / DIY

Outfit #2

Dress / Marc by Marc Jacobs (Buffalo Exchange)

Neck Scarf / Thrifted

Ring / Forever 21

Outfit #3

Bandanna / Target

Levis / Savers

Bracelet / Lucky Brand

Off-the-shoulder top / Cliche (Lucy Paris)

Outfit #4

Red Bodysuit / Zara

Silk Skirt / American Apparel

Fur Vest / Thrifted

Tassel Necklace (worn as a bracelet) / Nordstorm

Outfit #5

Lace Top / Anthropologie

Overall dress / Thrifted


These are simply some outfits I quickly complied, as the end of the school year can get very stressful with AP testing, finals, etc. I will be posting some more informative fashion posts in May and, hopefully, will craft an official Spring Lookbook for you all. I’m more active on my instagram which will help you get to know me better! -kg


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