Hello again!

Oh how the time has really flown by; we’re already two months into 2016! This year I have tried to take more styling risks and I’ve crafted 3 looks that are more unique than previous lookbooks.

It’s the point in the season where it’s too cold to wear sleeveless shirts, but too hot to wear thick boots and long coats. The outfits I included can be adapted for warmer and cooler temperatures but all have interesting accessories to keep the looks fresh. I recently went thrifting, again, and found a sparkly, metallic sweater and a small neck scarf: two pieces I never thought I’d own.

I’m looking forward to weather getting even warmer so a new wave of trends will follow through to runways. I really feel like my style has evolved with more risk-taking and hope you enjoy the outfits below!


Outfit #1

Turtleneck / Thrifted

Striped Long Sleeve / Urban Outfitters

Jeans / Thrifted (J. Crew)

Sunglasses / ASOS

Shoes / Nordstrom Rack

Outfit #2

Dress / Thrifted

Neck Scarf / Thrifted

Fur Jacket / New Look

Tights / Target

Flatforms / ASOS


Outfit #3

Turtleneck / H&M

Jean Jacket / Levi’s

Skirt / Thrifted (Ralph Lauren)

Boots / Zara

Tights / Target

Sunglasses / Nasty Gal


Thanks for viewing this lookbook and I hope you feel inspired to get dressed this winter/spring!

Instagram: @katerderp

Twitter: @kateglavan

Pinterest: @katerderp



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