HIBERNATION & HARD WORK are the two things that got me through the first month of the new year. I had my semester finals in January, among other classwork, and I kind of went into hibernation in order to check everything off my daily lists. I’m very pleased with the results of my hard work/hibernation and believe it helped improve my sleeping habits and productivity.

If you’re ever stuck with tons of work and little time to complete it, do what you need to do in order to accomplish your stress. Don’t feel like you need to go out all the time if you really are struggling in math class or missing crucial sleep. Be your own best friend.

Here’s some crafting that I did that helped me de-stress over the course of this hectic month.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorites for the month of January!

The Runaways (2010) – If you enjoyed Almost Famous, this is a movie for you. The story line follows Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherrie Currie (Elle Fanning) as they create their female musical group called the Runaways. I really love the cinematography of the movie and the styling in the movie does justice to the culture of female rock singers.

Alexa Chung’s Future of Fashion Series – I consider myself an avid Alexa Chung fan, just like everyone else is, and I came across this series early in the month. It’s very informative about the fashion industry which, l really hope to work in. I’d love to do something in the fashion publishing/art direction/journalism industries. The series states that there’s no true path to fashion careers, which is very reassuring to me since I can never find a college major suiting to the occupations I desire.

Sammi Quinn – Sammi is a YouTuber who attends FIT in Manhattan who posts very creative styling videos. She has such unique inspirations which have broadened my pool of designers and visual creatives. I really want to live her lifestyle, a college student in New York City, and appreciate her mix of high-fashion and thrifted pieces.



Rookie Yearbook 4 – Rookie is such a magnificent publication; I’m still unsure why it’s not well-known among my peers. Rookie shares articles and illustrations from teens around the world that are very personal, yet so understandable. I’ve become more familiar with cool musicians and movies through being a Rookie, along with all of the unique insight from people my own age.

The Bell Jar – The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is a book that I just started reading. It follows a girl, Ester, whose mental decline forces her to a mental hospital; the feeling of being stuck in a “bell jar” overtakes her existence. Though some criticize this novel for its roman Γ  clef elements, I really love how Plath has crafted the characters and flourished a personal narrative throughout the book.

2016 Election – I’ve been reading every news update and article I can get my hands on. Why? This is such an important election year for the United States though the issues are very pertinent, there are probably 2-3 Supreme Court justices that may retire in the next 4 years. What does this mean? Gay marriage, abortion rights, etc. all could be overturned under the next President, which terrifies me.



Ankle Boots – Ankle boots are killer. Whether it be to show off super cool socks and tights or to give you elevation over the snow on the pavement: ankle boots are perfect for this time of year. I’ve been rocking my red, snakeskin and black cutout boots throughout the month because of their functionality and effortless finish to my looks.

Glittery Tights – Ever since reblogging a picture of opaque, gold tights, I’ve looked and looked to recreate the look. In my winter lookbook, I wore my black glittery tights from h&m but…I found an even better pair from Target since then! I will for sure highlight them in my next outfit post on here.

Personalized Clothing – Embroidered cotton t-shirts, and patchwork on denim jackets are a good tool to personalize your outfits. Though I’m not a fan of social movements as solely coming and going as “trends”, wearing feminist patches, and “art hoe” collective buttons can be very empowering to young people. I’ve seen unique embroidery and I found a skirt on sale from Zara, that I highlighted on my Instagram, which shows some cute illustrated patches!


The Halocline – Hippo Campus

big sis – SALES

You’re the Best – Wet

NYC – Brolin

Cecilia – Simon & Garfunkel

Waitress Song – First Aid Kit



Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 – This collection was insane. All of the colors and prints, wide leg pants, midi skirts, patches, berets ultimately created a new face of Gucci by using older elements from their known ankle boots, soft blouses, and girly elements. The overwhelming patterns worked together seamlessly and I’ve been trying to use more color in my outfits because of this flawless lookbook.

Garlands – I’ve been so into decorating my room this past month. I made a banner of a slogan I’m now devoting my life to and used a garland from one of my Rookie Yearbooks to make my room a little more personal. It’s super fun to blend the artwork of others and yourself in your room, to define your own space.

Bernie Sanders & Ezra Koenig – I’m supporting Bernie Sanders for 2016 and I could go into an entire laundry list, which I won’t do, of why I believe he is the best candidate for the United States. The main event in January, for me personally, is that Bernie got endorsed by my favorite band, Vampire Weekend. Ezra Koenig played a concert at the University of Iowa before the caucus, and it was just…too good. You have to watch.

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great first month of 2016! Follow me on Instagram for more updates! (@katerderp)


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