Welcome back, and sorry for the lack of posts! Being in high school hasn’t given me much time to create content, but I hope these outfits will make up for my absence.

I’ve crafted a fall fashion lookbook with three outfits that I’ve been dying to showcase. The current weather where I live is perfect for layering, without hiding clothing pieces under the outerwear, and it’s a true “fall” atmosphere. I’ve compulsively bought a number of transitional jackets, and thought I would show you all a couple of looks for inspiration.

One style tip that helps me create outfits  during fall is to use the third piece rule, which a lot of retail employers facilitate in their workplace. The rule basically states that besides a top and bottom for your look, a third piece puts the outfit together and promotes better style choices. This tip can easily be carried out through a jacket, vest, scarf, bag, cardigan, or statement accessory. I always try to check my outfits with this tip and believe it’s a helpful tool to use when getting dressed.

These pictures really show how wonderful Minnesota can be during autumn, and how fall fashion is arguably the best season for fashion. Hope you enjoy the outfits, and please contact me if you’d like to take pictures for me in the future!


 Outfit #1:

Jean Jacket / Levi’s

Dress / Free People

Blouse / NastyGal

Sunglasses / Urban Outfitters

Boots / Zappos

Bag / Old Navy

 Outfit #2:

Turtleneck Sweater / Primark

Leather Jacket / Topshop

Mom Jeans / Zara

Booties / Zara

Sunglasses / ASOS

 Outfit #3:

Patterned Coat / Thrifted

Shirt / H&M

Pants / Topshop

Boots / Thrifted

Hat / Nordstrom

Thanks to Linden Hills and fall for being so beautiful, my friend Mollie for being a great photographer, and all of you guys who keep reading this blog! (ps. follow me on Instagram @katerderp for more life updates)


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