RELIEF & IMPROVEMENT describes all the good and bad that has come from July. This month has forced me to accept my weak areas, but also has allowed me to see the good within myself and for my future. I finally feel comfortable with my skills, and am working on bettering myself in anyway I can. Whether it be, increasing reading skill, eating better, drawing more realistically, learning more about the world, or improving my skill in sports, I am finally happy with pushing my capabilities. I hope you, too, keep pushing yourself to do everything you can to improve, but feel relieved to see how far you’ve come. Please keep reading to see my favorites for this wonderful month!


CNN’s The Seventies – I heard about this new CNN series as a result of rampaging to watch the previous series called, “The Sixties” to see film from 1968 protests. I became beyond thrilled to see a new decade for this CNN show, as I felt very under-educated on this time period in the United States. The episodes showcase diverse interviews, old film, and similar clips that keep the viewer engaged yet educated. This show airs on CNN every Thursday at 8pm (central time) and I would reccomend it for any teenager curious about US history post WWII, which seems to be skimmed over in most history classes.

NPR’s Intelligence Squared Debates – These podcasts have wasted so many hours while I’ve been sitting in my room. These debates range from discussing political events such as the Iranian nuclear deal to the downfall of men and rise of women. You can view these podcast via IPhone or their website, and they are normally around one hour long. The debaters are very educated and qualified, which makes the show extremely exciting to learn from!

The Fashion Citizen – These two Arizonian twin sisters, Mel and Steph, are YouTube fashion vloggers that I absolutely adore. They feature styling videos, outfits of the week, and, my favorite, weekly vlogs every Sunday. The Fashion Citizen YouTube channel showcases two really different styles, unique stores that I’ve never heard of before, and quirky fashion inspiration.

America and Americans – Most summers, I dread and procrastinate doing the summer reading assignments for the upcoming school year. Besides the additional assignments, I have really fallen in love with Steinbeck’s journalism during the 1960’s in this nonfiction book. I think this book is well-written, obviously, and highlights a diverse set of issues that are still relevant today, such as race relations, capitalist gains, and immigration.

On the Issues – This website is very helpful and relevant for forming a political opinion. It lists all issues from foreign intervention to a woman’s right to choose, and you can quiz yourself to ideologically line up with political candidates. It really helps if you are frustrated with media bias from news outlets or if you’re tired of hearing one side on every problem the United States faces. On the Issues also gives a detailed description for every issue possible and truly helps gain knowledge when you don’t accurately know what a stimulus does to the U.S. economy.

Grace: A Memoir –  Grace Coddington…where to begin. Some consider her the antagonist to Anna, and some consider her the brains of the operation. I agree with the second statement and really am inspired by all she has done throughout her life for the fashion industry and more specifically, for Vogue. Her entries and illustrations in the memoir were very raw about how to get into fashion, which helped steer me away from fashion school. FIT and FIDM now cause a huge, unsympathetic eye-roll. (which is an entire different discussion…) I would suggest reading this memoir if you hold knowledge on couture and creative directing, or just are curious about the intricacies of Vogue.


Culottes – Fancy gauchos. That’s how my family and I refer to these pants, which made me skeptical to buy them at first glance. Culottes are a transitional piece between seasons and serve the same purpose as joggers. I normally wear mine with Birkenstocks or platforms, for both causal and dressy occasions. I’d suggest going for, at least, knee-length culottes and look for a patterned pair because they are easier to style.

Jean Jackets – Denim has really been a staple for me this summer. It’s easy to pair a jacket with any loose flowing pants, skirt, or blouse because of how structured jean material is. I’ve been wearing my jean jacket with my buttons pinned on and normally wear it during afternoons with friends or while traveling.

Flatforms – I have been wishfully waiting for a pair of platform sandals and ASOS had a summer clearance with a rare size 11 in stock. I am fully obsessed with these shoes and wear them mostly in fancy occasions with my culottes, skirts, or even soft sorts, despite my height of almost 6′.


Border Line – King Krule

Peaches – In the Valley Below

We Try But We Don’t Fit In – Day Wave

I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) – Jamie Xx feat. Young Thug and Popcaan

1998 – Chet Faker (feat. Banks)

Bassically – Tei Shi

(My new 8tracks playlists are called current and exercise, and I suggest you check them out!)

Vegan Pancakes – I probably ate pancakes for every single breakfast this month when I had the time. I’ve found many recipes through my Pinterest, and always seem to crave banana bread which works out perfectly with this recipe! It’s a fairly easy recipe, with few ingredients, and doesn’t make you feel too bad after eating these healthy pancakes everyday of the week.

Thrifting – Thrift shopping has become a monthly favorite because of how little money I have, and how patient I’ve become with shopping. I love finding that statement piece, or the basic pastel tee, and I will be doing a thrift haul very soon with tips on finding clothing! I’d suggest using Yelp as a start to find thrift stores in your area and see what you like and don’t like in a store after that. I find thrift shopping very relaxing on my own, but also fun, yet hectic, to do with a group of friends!

Thank you for reading this week’s post! I will be doing a compiled thrift haul, outfit of the week, and a styling post soon, so please stay tuned! -kg


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