To finish this week, I thought I would highlight an outfit that I’ve been going back to every time I got dressed in an “Outfit of the Week” post.

After coming back from Florida, where the temperature rarely dropped below 90 degrees, it’s felt decently cold in Minnesota. With a new excuse to wear jeans, I, of course put on my Levi’s. I paired them with my daily jewelry, a metal bracelet, a lace bralet, and a cropped sweater tank.

I think this outfit works for any festivals, county fairs, or summer nights, because of the comfort, coziness and the ease of getting dressed. Shoes that would work with these relaxed, “dad” jeans could be Birkenstocks/Teva’s, any New Balance/Adidas/Converse shoe, or even a platform sandal, which, by the way, I need to get my hands on…

Anyways, enjoy some of my favorite snapshots from my backyard, where I became impressed with my own, very little, self-timing photography skills. The sunlight, trees, and shadows allowed for this mini photo shoot to turn out, especially for a girl who isn’t normally impressed by her own photo-taking capabilities.


Tank / Brandy Meville

Lace Bra / American Apparel

Jeans / Levi’s

Bracelet / Lucky Brand

Horoscope Necklace / Express

Rings / Topshop & Urban Outfitters

I’ll be posting “Outfit of the Week”‘s anytime I either fall in love with new ways to style an outfit, or when it’s the only thing I grab when going out. I suggest you to check out my June Favorites, where you can find some movie, music, and fashion things that I’ve been enjoying this past month, in effrorts to learn more about the girl behind this blog. Thanks for reading! -kg


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