Ah, the grad parties. Where you, perhaps, don’t know how to dress for the odd relatives, if hosting, or the worst circumstance: you don’t know if the practical, and casual summer ensemble will make the cut for a country club outing.

Certainly, you shouldn’t aim to steal the show, as the attendee, but, you should try to appear presentable for whoever’s party you attend. Whether that be your peer, neighbor, or even celebrating for that distant Facebook friend, there is certainly a reason to wake up and get ready before 11am: The food. If an event, where one can steal ice cream, cupcakes, and other goodies, free of charge, doesn’t entice you, then I’m not sure what will.

In that regard, the one point to be made clear about looking presentable at such events: comfortability. We’ve all been there. Reaching and struggling for that third piece of dessert of the day, when there’s a tug from those high waisted denim shorts that looked “perfect” for the summer picture you were planning to Instagram. Dress accordingly. One grad party? Maybe go for those new pastel, cropped pants. Four grad parties? That new, flowy babydoll dress has never worked better! It’s a quite simple, direct relationship I’ve come to understand. The more grad parties one attends, the more comfort must lie in the outfit for that day. 

Below, I’ve created three seasonal outfits, in increasing order of grad parties you’re attending, that can help alleviate the nonchalant, nervous texts to your best friend that read, “haha wait…what are you wearing?”

         Outfit #1:

White T-Shirt / H&M

Floral Velvet Pants / Free People (discounted through Nordstrom Rack)
Sandals / Birkenstocks

Brown Tote / Forever 21

Sunglasses / NastyGal

         Outfit #2:

Floral Blouse / Macy’s (bar ii)

Corduroy Skirt / Topshop

Sandals / Birkenstocks

Map Watch / Urban Outfitters

Necklaces / Express

         Outfit #3

Babydoll Dress / Zappos (Free People)

Sandals / American Apparel

Brown clutch / Thrifted

Necklace / Forever 21

Bracelet / Lucky Brand

Bralette / Macy’s (Free People)

As you can tell, fall is my favorite season to dress for; this color scheme can definitely be worn year-round with skirts, eyelet shirts, sandals, and so many more trends that have taken over spring 2015 ready-to-wear runways. I strongly urge for you to take these outfits with a grain of salt, based on current wardrobe, weather, and other variables, but hope that these outfits decreased your worry surrounding what to wear for grad parties!

I can’t thank you all enough for getting my blog to 236 page views on my first post, and can’t wait to keep new creating content! -kg


3 thoughts on “Grad Parties: the Desserts, the Awkward “Hi’s”, and the Foolproof Outfit Formula

  1. haha great post!! i literally lOVE every single thing you’re wearing – each look is perfection πŸ™‚
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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