National Thrift Day

Welcome back! Today is National Thrift Day, an activity you all know that I love. There are various special sales at stores across the country so make sure you check out stores in your area! This post is sponsored by Savers, who wanted me to go out and find an outfit of thrifted pieces. I … Continue reading National Thrift Day


Women in Politics

The year is 2017, our President bragged about sexually assaulting women. This statement should be enough of a catalyst to spark unapologetic, unpersuaded feminism in women, not to mention the all-encompassing hateful comments our president said along the campaign trail. The overtly anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-Black, anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-disabled people, anti-undocumented, anti-science, anti-fact, etc comments impact a … Continue reading Women in Politics